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Shoplazza Reviews 2022: Easy Migration from Other E-commerce Platforms

The primary concern for any business considering transferring to another e-commerce platform is the ease of migration. Even though Shoplazza has come late to the market compared to its competitors, it has carved a niche in the DTC segment. We collected reviews from people who used different platforms like Amazon, Shopify, and switched to Shoplazza regarding how easy it was for them to migrate to the new platform.


How easy is it to migrate from Shopify to Shoplazza?

We need to use app-Store Migration, which connects to Shopify stores, transfers products, blogs, and customer data in real-time, and migrates to Shoplazza. It just takes minutes for an idea to turn into reality.

To grab multiple products altogether in Shopify, use this app called Skuowner, and in just one click, you can quickly synchronize them to Shoplazza. To transfer the reviews to the other platform, you must use Review Crawler. This will grab all the reviews on the Shopify stores and transfer them to Shoplazza with one click. There’s no better way to sync them to Shoplazza quickly.

Many people remain concerned about transferring the comments from Shopify to Shoplazza. Well, the answer is here. All you need to do for comment migration is to use the background function “Shopify Comment Import” and import the comment CSV files exported by the Product Reviews app. The Loox app, available on the Shopify app market, can help you directly migrate the comments into Shoplazza. Using the background function “Customer Import,” you can download Shoplazza’s customer import CSV template. Now you can fill in all customer information in the columns and quickly complete the import.


How did Amazon merchants manage to migrate to Shoplazza?

Amazon merchants just use the app “Skuowner” to select multiple products and transfer the products located in Amazon stores to Shoplazza in one click. They can quickly synchronize them with Shoplazza.

The “Customer Import” function can help you download the Shoplazza customer import CSV template and type down all the customer information. In this manner, you can complete the full import within seconds. How simple it is to relocate your shop from one location to another! One can only imagine the pain of doing it in a brick-and-mortar shop.


How did AliExpress merchants migrate to Shoplazza?

Again, the AliExpress merchants have to use “Skuowner” to select and transfer multiple products with one click. They can swiftly synchronize these products with Shoplazza.

The background app “Review Crawler” also allows you to select and transfer multiple product reviews and sync them to Shoplazza. You can use the background function “Customer Import” to download Shoplazza’s customer import CSV template, fill in the customer information, and complete the quick import for customer information import.


Can we migrate from stores that are not listed on Shoplazza?

Well, absolutely! You need to get in touch with the customer success experts team, which includes dedicated experts for store migration support. It is free!

So when it comes to reviewing the store migration process of Shoplazza in 2022, the merchants who have done it say that they would give it a 5-star rating as it is the best available technology in the market.

To believe for yourself, you need to try migrating from any e-commerce platform to Shoplazza and start your dropshipping eCommerce.


(Contributed by Krati Bacharwar & Hermes Fang)