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What can you do with drag and drop segmentation?

What can you do with drag and drop segmentation?

With drag and drop segmentation marketing  you get a clear overview of the events on your website or webshop. For example, you can create characteristics for customers who order something for the first time, but also for people who regularly place an order. If you compare these data with each other, you will also learn from it. The PR department within your company needs this data to be able to take steps towards improvement. In addition, it is also important to see which pages or products do not result in a lead. These usually need a little more attention to score.

Apply Salesforce lead management in your business plan

Salesforce lead management is used to provide insight into performance. So-called scores are given to products, features and customer interaction. This way you also get to see the bounce rate. This way you can see exactly whether people click away quickly or interrupt the ordering process. You need this information so that you can improve it.

Then you also have the click statistics. These show what a user clicks on the website. This way you also know whether you are recommending the right products or services. The more this is done the more move you will get. Then you also have the data view. This shows exactly what a customer does on your website. This way you also know whether they have been reading for a long time or whether they prefer to order it quickly.

What software can you use for this?

It is best to use the software from Activation studio to collect this data. You can decide for yourself whether or not you want to see certain filters or features. You can add more of these filters and attributes at a later date. With the lead management system you can print out all the data you need. This way you prevent that there is a lot of superfluous information in reports for your marketing department. It is also a good way to provide different departments with insights into their performance.