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Improve your Google Data Studio marketing dashboard with multiple attribution models to get the most

Google Data Studio (GDS) is a great dashboard tool, and it’s free to use! It connects to multiple marketing data sources and helps you combine those data sources together. GDS is known for its ease of creating dashboards, but if you want to improve your insight, you’ll need more. You can also use Google Analytics 360 as your data source. There are many attribution models available that will prove useful to understand what really drives traffic and sales.

Have you heard of the Odyssey connector for Google Data Studio? It will revolutionize all your marketing reporting. With the Odyssey connector, you can see how each marketing metric contributes to your overall conversion rates. The Incrementality index is a percentage that shows the incremental value of each campaign or ad to your overall conversions. The addition of this index will revolutionize your marketing. Odyssey’s advanced attribution for Google Data Studio features will make your Google Data Studio dashboard a true marketing powerhouse. Recent data indicates that most Google Data Studio dashboards are used day-to-day for marketers to monitor, track spending, and spot possible channel calamities. Although this is a huge jump from more recent times when marketers had to rely on manual reporting and input from the team. It’s important for marketers to have the necessary insights to make real decisions.

So what about the TradeTracker affiliate network? Marketers have a hard time trusting affiliate conversions. Is it really driving sales? TradeTracker is the only network with ‘Real Attribution’. In addition to last-click attribution, most networks work with first-click attribution. But since conversions can’t come from one single click, is your TradeTracker network really doing anything for you? Keep reading and we’ll help you see through the confusion and find out what’s really happening. When it comes to trusting that your affiliate program is driving conversions, the answer is murky. But TradeTracker is different. They offer a conversion attribution model, namely “Real Attribution”. Most affiliate networks use only last-click attribution models which makes them dependent on last-click conversions. As these conversions are never the result of one publisher or promotion touchpoint, are these optimistic results really the outcome of your TradeTracker affiliate program? It’s hard to tell.