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5 inspiring business stories

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5 world bestsellers, reading which you will learn about the secrets of success of the greatest companies of our time. See, save in notes, recommend to friends. You will be 100% inspired and motivated to work harder after reading these books!

 “Era of Amazon” by Brad Stone

The book is about how Amazon managed to survive the crisis during the dot-com crash, bypass its competitors and begin to conquer the world. From the book you will learn not only about how one of the most successful companies in the world works (capitalization recently reached $ 1 trillion!), But also the details of the biography of Jeff Bezos, its founder.

 “Transition to the Blue Ocean” W. Chan Kim and Rene Mauborgne

A new book by the authors of the legendary “Blue Ocean Strategy”. In this book, the authors will talk about how their blue oceans strategy works in practice and, importantly, give examples of companies that have used this strategy and were able to open up completely new opportunities in completely unexpected places.

 Airbnb Lee Gallagher

The book follows the challenging journey to success of the three Airbnb founders Joe Gebbia, Brian Chesky, and Nathan Blecharzik. Airbnb is now the largest company with several thousand employees and is estimated at several tens of billions of dollars. Millions of people around the world use the booking service every year. Service indicators are growing from year to year and they are not going to stop, because the market has not yet been mastered and, as it suddenly turned out, it is incredibly large.

 “What didn’t kill Lego, but made it stronger” David Robertson

Almost everyone seems to love Lego. But what is the secret of this company’s success? The answer is simple – in a small brick, a detail that is able to connect with millions of others of the same kind, and create countless shapes and objects. Lego bricks excite our imaginations and develop creative thinking. Lego products are loved by both children and adults. And that’s why many major ratings rank Lego as one of the most successful, reliable and respected companies in the world. However, luck was not always on the side of the company. There were also dark times when the company went bankrupt and faced bankruptcy. Who knows, if not for a series of radical measures on the part of the management, we could now enjoy the products of this outstanding company? Read about the ups and downs of Lego in the book by David Robertson.

“Delivering Happiness” by Tony Shay

A first-hand story about the legendary and super successful Internet company Zappos. Tony started his career as a businessman with a worm farm. The experience was unsuccessful – the worms scattered. Tony didn’t give up. In his early twenties, he left Oracle and founded his own business, which he sold to Microsoft profitably in just three years. And a few years later, Zappos was founded, a service that became so successful that Amazon wanted to buy it … for a rumored $ 1.2 billion! How did Tony do it? What’s his secret? Learn about everything in his fascinating book!

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