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Research on powder segregation

Are you stuck in the development of a specific product? Then segregation can be the cause. Mixtures of various components often form the basis of products. For the correct functioning of the product, it is important that these components are and remain well mixed. For this the different particles must be the right size. If this is not the case, segregation can occur. Other properties can also lead to this. At Solids Solutions we therefore carry out research into powder segregation. This makes it possible to determine why segregation occurs and to look for a solution to this problem.

Solids Solutions powder and particle technology

Solids Solutions is located in Delft. For many years research has been conducted here into the properties of powders and particles, in order to develop or improve various products from the industry. We do this for various sectors, from the chemical industry to the food and building materials industry. Besides conducting experiments, we look for solutions to problems in the development of products. You can also contact us for lectures and seminars in the field of particle technology and related topics.

BET analysis for calculating surface area

In order to determine the surface area of a solid, a BET analysis is performed. For this purpose, a certain gas is adsorbed on the surface of the solid. In most cases nitrogen is used for this purpose. However, this depends on the type of material of which the surface has to be determined. Solids Solutions uses various techniques and instruments to achieve the desired result. For example, with a TCD detector information can be obtained about both the BET surface and the pore volume. The volumetric technique on the other hand gives more specific information, for example also about the pore size distribution.