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Webshop for biotech supplies

In need of quality biotech supplies? Our webshop has it all! We source only the best biotechnological companies of this day and age. This way we can provide our customers with top notch scientific devices that can turn the odds of pioneering research in your favour.

Buy our kits, tools and equipment and you can do succesful isolation of nucleotides, genomic samples, proteins, cytoplasmic molecules and more. Have absolute control over pipetting work with our line of liquid handling and plate handling robots. They measure very accurately and have quality control mechanisms to ensure not a single mistake will ever be made by a machine. So pace up your pharmaceutical, biological or agricultural research with the solid biotech supplies from our webshop.

The best tools for research

Included in our vast number of biotech supplies are many of the best tools for cancer, genomics, epigenetic and forensic research. But also for things like nucleic acid isolation. Measure with great accuracy, do studies faster and save resources by improving efficiency and higher quality results. Don’t settle down with the lesser type of equipment. Make your biomolecular research easy and flawless with the best biotechnological supplies from our online shop. You can view all the products we have to offer online. Visit the webshop of GC Biotech, pick the best tools for your work in the biochemical field and ensure great results.

Our core suppliers

The biotech supplies we provide have a respected manufacturer. GC Biotech has many relationships with the most innovative and leading techological companies in the biomolecular sciences. These suppliers deliver the high quality goods and tools you can find in our webshop. These suppliers are TANBead, DeNovix, Bionex, Dynamic Devices, CleaNA, LGC Genomics, RBC Bioscience, BiOptic and Bioline. To read more about what these biotech companies supply us with, you can view our internet shop.