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Transport your goods as quickly and efficiently as possible with a double deck trailer

Do you need to transport voluminous goods across Europe? Then Blankers Transport BV is your perfect partner! They are specialized in the transport of voluminous goods to all Europe. The company has a fleet of over fifty truck combinations to transport your good with. Most of the transport is conducted with double cargos and the majority of the lorries are equipped with double loading floors. At least twice the loading capacity can be achieved for specific goods with these double loading floors. But how does transport with these double deck trailers specifically work?

Optimize the transportation of your goods

To transport your goods as quickly and efficiently as possible across Europe, double deck trailers are the type of transport to choose. The fleet is equipped with tree loading-floors in one truck. A double deck truck or trailer offers approximately double the capacity of a regular trailer. It makes it the perfect solution to transport large quantities of goods. The floors of a double deck trailer are operated with hydraulic lifting mechanism to enable double or triple stacking. The first loaded deck will be lifted to make room for the forklift operator. Another load will be added on the second truck deck below so all decks will be loaded. After that, they are gently lowered into their final positions in the trailer.

Let them take care of your goods

The company takes care of your goods! But not only that. They take care of the entire process – from departure to delivery at every location. Do you want to transport your good with a double deck trailer? When using this type of transport, you might need just the one double deck trailer truck instead of two or three. This results in reducing your transportation costs! Let the employees of Blankers Transport BV know how they can help you and start with transporting your goods as efficient as possible.