Liebherr WUgb3400 with automatic door

Liebherr WUgb3400 Vinidor is equal to the UWT 1682 in Europe. The main difference is the powersupply. Be the way the WU3400 works like the UWT 1682. So when you move from Europe to the USA it might be an opportunity to check about the powersupply. It can be that you import the UWTes also into the USA. Most people buying the WUgb3400 like to store and serve wine because it is a two temperature wine cabinet. The cabinet has a fan to control the humidity in the wine cabinet. The only issue is when you have to use the fan. Most people don’t know because they don’t realize that they have to measure. Therefor Cavepromotor US sends a digital hydrometer so you can measure the level of humidity in the wine cabinet. It sounds logic, but no supplier of wine cabinets in the affordable range is integrating the hydrometer. When you ask the importer you get the answer that it is a matter costprice. The roots of Cavepromotor are in the wine industry so thats the reason that the specialists are so keen on storing the wine in the most proper way. Otherwise you damage your wines and will complain the wine is bad. No the way that you stored the wine is bad… In the WU3400 you can store in total 34 bottles bordeaux size with a stainless steel doorframe. The wine fridge itself is also filtering the air that comes in and goes out. The air is filtered by a Aktive Carbonfilter, but you have to replace the filter yearly. Most people forget so when you buy from Cavepromotor US you automaticly will receive a mail after a year that it is time to replace. This service is for free when you buy the wine fridge at Cavepromotor. All prices Cavepromotor is making for customers is including shipment.

Only Liebherr… Cavepromotor US is founded by its European mother and after a long period of research the decision was make to choose for one brand. A brand is not only the Rolls Royce in the industry but also has a service organisation. So Liebherr came out as the best of all the wine cabinet suppliers. A wine cabinet is not just a fridge that Cools wines. It does much more, so the compressor is installed vibration free. And what about the light inside and the door? The light inside is made of LED. After opening and closing the door you experience the light will dimm. The glass in the door is made of special glass with iron in it. The Human eye can’t see, but the effect is that this glass protects against UV radiation.

Cavepromotor US makes the best price in the USA for the whole package. So we can beat al the competition because they usually sell more than wine cabinets only. We are the specialist that can advice you about storing and serving you wines. And do you need a special wine? We know where you can get them… More information at www.cavepromotor.us