Liebherr WU4000 populair integrated wine cabinet in the USA

Liebherr WU4000

You want to store and serve 40 of your favourit wines at wine cellar conditions for your customers or yourself in your living room or office with the little, design Liebherr WU4000 vinidor wine cabinet. The two wine safes can be controlled independendly. This means that you can store your red wine under 18c serving temperature. The middle wine safe can be used for your white wines or rosé wines at 11c. The bottom one can be set to 5c for your champagne. You are obliged to use this order. You can even mix it or use the bottom one at 12c so you simulate a wine cellar environment. Actually the conditions are much better than in a wine cellar. Beside the humidity control there is also the fresh air quality. A Liebherr wine cabinet is fitted with FreshAir activated-charcoal filters. This is to ensure the quality of the incoming air. Especially for your wines with a cork plug. 


In the USA Cavepromotor is only supplying the freestanding wine cabinets with a set of Vibration Reduction Blocks. These blocks helps you to prevent the effect of environmental vibrations. You can think of walking by, closing a door, taking the stairs are creating al kind of vibrations. The Vibration Reduction Blocks reduce the influence for moren than 95%. Every set of blocks is developed for the category of wine cabinets. The patent is pending, but in the meantime Cavepromotor is supplying al there customers in the EU. Beside the Vibration Reduction Blocks Cavepromotor is also suppling digital hygrometers, Free of charge. So you can control the level of humidity inside your wine cabinet. For wine the humidity should be between 50% and 75%. When the humidity is to low it can effect your corks. On the other hand a humidity above 75% will give most on your labels. Sometimes even the ink on your labels is dissappearing. The WU4000 is an integrated model and there would be some space on the top side of the appliance when we would place these wine cabinet on Vibration Reduction Blocks, but you receive a digital hygrometer and automated wine vacuumpump.

In total you can store 40 bottles inside a Liebherr WU4000. You have to be aware that in the wine cabinet industry the size of a bordeaux bottle is mentioned. The outside of the cabinet is of stainless steel. The cabinet has 5 storage shelves. 3 of these are mounted on a telescopic rails. This makes it easy to pull the to you, when you are in front of the wine cabinet. The WS4000 has a reddot award for its design and usability. It is part of the Vinidor series. This freestanding wine cabinet also has an integrated look a like the WU4000.