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How to hire people


In addition, each state has a different registration process to obtain a state employer identification number. Please visit your state’s Department of Labor website for more information. For example, in California, the EDD (Employment Development Department) has an online service that, in most cases, publishes an employer’s payroll tax account number within minutes of registration. Learn more about what an employer identification number is and how to obtain it.


Set up withholding tax records. When you consider how to hire your first employee, you need to consider taxes. Before you start looking for suitable employees, you need to fill out documents to pay three different types of withholding taxes. Federal income tax withholding tax. Your new employees need to fill out Form W-4 (Employee’s Withholding Tax Certificate), which asks them how much federal income tax to withhold from their wages. Then you submit the form to the IRS. Federal Wage and Tax Statement. You are responsible for filling out the W-2 form for each employee, detailing their income and withholding tax for the year. You need to send a copy to your employees by January 31, covering the previous year. Then send copy A of the W-2 form to the Social Security Administration

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