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Ductless Heat Pump – A Better Solution Than a Gas Furnace?

A ductless heat pump is a great investment for homeowners who want to conserve energy and add comfort to their homes. It works just like a regular air conditioner, except it doesn’t need ductwork to bring in cool air from outside.

Instead, ductless heat pumps distribute warm air from inside the home through a system of ducts that snake throughout the home. This means less installation time and less remodeling. Ductless heat pumps provide high-quality performance in a compact indoor/outdoor space saving you money and time.

Canada has many climates that require a variety of heating systems. Although oil and natural gas are more commonly used as fuel sources, Canada’s reliance on electricity makes it important to conserve energy. As more Canadian homes are choosing to heat with electricity rather than natural gas or oil, there is a growing demand for energy-efficient appliances. Fortunately, Canadian homeowners have a wide selection of ductless heat pumps to choose from. They are quiet and simple to install, both in style and in comfort. In addition, they are easy on the pocket and don’t take up as much space as ductwork.

Some of the popular ductless heat pumps are described below. The most efficient of these units is the round ductless heat pump (DCHP). The round DCHP has excellent efficiency, low noise, high reliability, and excellent performance. This unit can be installed in any central air conditioning or heating system.

Many ductless heat pumps are also available in mini-splits, which are installed in two-inch sections where the ducts would normally be. The dual-speed fan runs at a high speed, maximizing cooling efficiency while reducing noise. Some mini-split ductless heat pumps are designed for use in conjunction with ductwork and cooling systems. These are often referred to as “blend” units.

One great advantage of a ductless heat pump is the ability to control the temperature of a single room or area. You can use a remote device to control the temperature of one room, or the entire house, in mere minutes. The convenience and control afforded by this type of HVAC system make it ideal for use with new and existing HVAC applications. However, single-zone heat pumps require an installation process that is somewhat more complex than that of dual-zone units. For those who do not have the experience required to perform this process, it may be a good idea to hire a professional service technician.

In addition, ductless heat pumps are excellent for use in off-grid applications in Canada where a gas furnace is not available. In these circumstances, such as remote cabins in Canada, it is possible to operate a mini-split or ductless heat pump even when electricity is not available. As an electrician, I have had success operating both types of units on a cab. So whether you want a ductless heat pump to provide heating in a remote area, or to heat and cool air in your home, I believe you will be happy with the performance of either type of HVAC unit.