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Different means of communication while horseback riding

When purchasing an instructional set, it is very important to think carefully about what the exact form of use will be. Do you plan to use the set for teaching? For pleasure rides? For competitions, or as a judge? If you have determined for yourself for which situation(s) your instruction set will be used, then it is easier to make a choice. You can then make a better considered choice for a single or duo set. You also need to consider how much range you need. Another important point is the importance of two-way communication. Should the rider only be able to hear the instructor, or is it important that the rider can also say something back? Furthermore, it is advisable to read up on different brands of instruction sets.

The AXIWI instruction sets
As briefly mentioned above, it is important that you look at the different brands of instruction sets. One example of a great brand for such communication sets is the AXIWI Equestrian wireless training system. This brand offers a huge variety of instruction sets, for any use. On the web store, they indicate that they sell instruction sets for every rider, from professional, to pleasure rider. Also, these instruction sets are tremendously well regarded and competitively priced!

Tips for using an instruction set
Not to throw you in at the deep end, we also have some helpful tips for using instruction sets;
1. Make sure the instruction sets are always sufficiently charged. Most sets can last anout 10 hours. Charge the sets before they are completely empty. This keeps the battery in good working order.
2. Test the instruction set for a while before you get on the horse. This way you can prevent the connection from not running properly during the lesson. A good start is half the work!
3. Read up on the different brands before you buy an instruction set. Unfortunately there are a lot of lesser brands on the market, which are not recommended.
4. Discuss well as a rider and instructor / judge / listener how there will be communicated. This will prevent (literally) miscommunication and unnecessary irritation.